this comprehensive guide is relevant to Little Twine Photography sessions.


0-1 Month

We are a baby-led studio. This means that everything we do is in the best interest of the baby in terms of safety, comfort, and the baby's needs being met at all times, so you can relax knowing your baby is in good hands!

Session time frame

2-3 hours.

Sometimes babies need plenty of time for feeding, changing, and at times they have unsettled tummies (particularly after the two weeks of birth) if they are experiencing wind or colic, if they are cluster feeding, or if they are sensitive to touch don't worry this is all totally normal and we can usually tell what it is!

We will take our time to ensure baby is completely comfortable.

What do I bring?

You do not need to bring anything for the photo session, we provide clothing, wraps, props and everything needed for the shoot. If you have of sentimental value that you'd like to incorporate into the shoot, bring it along!

If baby takes a bottle, it's best to bring more milk than needed is definitely recommended. if baby takes a pacifier that is also helpful!

What if my baby is unsettled?

The key is not to rush, we have a trick up our sleeve that helps us to identify their needs, that is in their cry, see Dunstan baby language below.

Some babies can more be sensitive to touch than others, therefore if they are being posed, wrapped, adjusted, or lifted they can startle or cry depending on what sleep stage they're in, but we'll counteract this by using a one wrap workflow!

"The Dunstan Baby Language"

This is the universal baby language triggered by reflexes in the body, this was first discovered by Priscilla Dunstan, a talented child musician who since the age of five had an incredible ear for sounds.

As an adult Priscilla was able to identify vowels, pitches and in her son Tom's crying that enabled her to identify his needs, science has identified that each cry a baby makes is relative to a reflex in the baby's body.

In example a " neh, neh" cry means hunger as the sucking reflex makes the tongue sit at the roof of the mouth.

we actively use this as a tool, during our sessions.


Feeding and Pacifiers

Please do exactly what you usually do with your baby at home

as we do not want to disturb your baby's routine.

You're welcome to have the privacy and time you need to feed your baby until they are full, this prevents cluster feeding, which can stretch out the session time.

Are sibling/ parent photos included?


We encourage all parents to jump in to have a snap or two! These memories are important, so even if you don't feel very photogenic, they will still be special!

What should we wear?

We suggest choosing up to three colours, and match each other with this, we match baby's outfit or wrap with whatever you are wearing! Neutral or soft colours work well!

Do I need to help during the session?

We ask parents to lend a hand while baby is in a prop to ensure they are never left unattended (super important), other than this we can help you burp feed or cuddle your little one!

Just relax and enjoy the time you have to yourself!


We start by posing your baby on what's known as the "posing table" which is a table specially designed for newborn photography used for a series of poses suitable for your baby.

Next, we move to prop set ups, we have plenty to choose from, we usually use two or three. This is when we introduce siblings if any into the session, (siblings can come first in the workflow if needed).

Newborn Family Portraits

We finish with some beautiful family portraits, even if you are not photogenic, we definitely recommend having some images taken, you don't have to show them to anyone, but you may just love them, and be happy you did it!

We use flattering angles and photoshop areas of the face or body (on request), so you have nothing to lose!


3-9 months

Session time frame

Up to 1.5 Hours

Session times can vary from child to child, but they do tend to go fairly quickly, the expected time is usually between 30 minutes to 2 hours. The session can also stretch out if we have outfit changes, the best thing to do though is let everything flow naturally and peacefully and we are more likely to have a smooth session.

What if my baby cannot sit unassisted yet?

No problem!

In this situation we just ask parents to help support the baby, then we edit out supporting arms and hands, later on. We can also use props like buckets and bowls to help support them if needed.

What will my baby wear?

Whatever you like!

We provide clothes, we have a range of boys' and girls' dresses and outfits for 6-month-old babies, or you are more than welcome to bring your own outfit, we don't recommend changing baby more than one, two outfits are sufficient, babies this age can get a bit fussy when they're changed too often!

Sibling or parent photos?


We welcome siblings in the portrait shots before the cake smash, if would like some family shots let us know beforehand so we can organise this in the session workflow.


Session Time Frame

1-2 hrs.

The session time can vary depending on whether your child has portraits before their cake smash, or if they have cute bathtub photos, generally we have pretty smooth sessions, if you think your baby is hungry or thirsty before the session, please feel free to feed them!

Is the cake provided?


We provide the cake which is inclusive in the session price. You will receive a 7" designer cake, tell us the design you're after, or let us design one for you!

*vegan, and or dairy-free or sugar-free cakes available.

What will my child wear?

Your baby can wear the adorable clothes we provide for their portrait photos and cake smash, but we ask you to bring a spare outfit in case you wish to use this, particularly if you have a specific theme.

Can siblings be part of the shoot?

Although siblings cannot be part of the actual cake smash, the certainly can be a part of the portraits beforehand!

We ask that you provide an outfit for the sibling that they are already wearing on the day.


Session Time Frame

1-2 Hrs.

The number of people in the session effects the session location, time and practicality.

Co-operative Children

Younger children in particular can become easily exhausted, nervous, bored or even irritated, as they are still learning to regulate their emotions.

We will guide the session to create trust between the child. After all they are in a strange environment with big lights and strange things they've probably never seen before. Taking our time is ok, in fact it is key, as when the child becomes distressed it can be hard to recover.


We kindly ask that you provide clothing for all children above six months of age. Clothing items are limited past this age.

We suggest choosing three colours, preferable neutral, or soft avoiding bold prints or logos. You can also try matching the colours with the season, or décor in your home!


Session Time Frame

1-2 hours

When Should I book?

Between 30-33 weeks is the optimal time to book a maternity session, however we still accept bookings before or after if necessary.

WHY 30-33 WEEKS?

The baby begins to drop further down into the pelvis in the later weeks of pregnancy, this can make it uncomfortable to walk, and can hinder posing, and make it uncomfortable. We also do not want you to miss out on the session, in the event your baby comes early

What do I wear?

You can certainly bring your own gown or outfit, or we can provide you a gown to wear during your session, we have a selection of transparent dresses or full coverage gowns, as well a dramatic fine art gown.


We offer four locations to choose form:





*Outdoor sessions are not available during days with rain or extreme weather.

**Note- The following information is only relevant to our studio, this may change in other photography studios.

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