30- 33 Weeks Gestation


How Long Does The Session Take?

Your session will take up to 1.5 hours, this depends on how many outfit changes you choose.

Is Family Included in The session?

We include sibling and partner shots, extended family will incur additional fees.

We will take a range of posed shots with you on your own and a mixture of partner and or sibling posed shots.

I Have a High Risk Pregnancy

We do not advise outdoor locations due to the remoteness in the event of an emergency, it is important to inform us of these complications as we need to be physically and mentally prepared in the event of an emergency situation so we can have the best outcome in this event.

Why Should We Book at 30-33 Weeks?

Between 30-33 weeks is the optimal time to book a maternity session, however we still accept bookings before or after if necessary.

The baby begins to drop further down into the pelvis in the later weeks of pregnancy, this can make it uncomfortable to walk, and can hinder posing. We also do not want you to miss out on the session if the session is booked later, baby may come early, in the event your baby does comes early we will transfer your deposit to your newborn session!

What Should I Wear?

We recommend wearing something that suits your style.

You can certainly bring your own gown or outfit, or we can provide you a gown to hire for your session, we have a selection of transparent, full coverage or partial coverage gowns, in dramatic/ fine art or simple designs.

Location OPTIONS

We offer five locations to choose form:

STUDIO - Mile End

BEACH - Largs Bay

BOTANIC GARDENS - Mount Lofty or Adelaide

FOREST - Mount Crawford or Blackwood

DRY GRASS FIELD - Cobbler Creek Reserve - Varying locations

*Outdoor sessions are not available during days with rain or extreme weather such as heat above 27 Celsius, severe wind or due to any severe weather warnings such as bush fires, bookings may be cancelled on the day without notice, deposits will not be refunded but moved to another date.

**Note- The following information is only relevant to our studio, this may change in other photography studios.

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