3-9 months


How Long Will My Session Go For?

Up to 1.5 Hours

Session times can vary from child to child, but they do tend to go fairly quickly, the expected time is usually between 30 minutes to 2 hours. The session can also stretch out if we have outfit changes, the best thing to do though is let everything flow naturally and peacefully and we are more likely to have a smooth session.

What Will My Baby Wear?

Whatever you like!

We provide clothes, we have a range of boys' and girls' dresses and outfits for 6-month-old babies, or you are more than welcome to bring your own outfit, we don't recommend changing baby more than one, two outfits are sufficient, babies this age can get a bit fussy when they're changed too often!

What If My Baby Cannot Sit Yet?

No problem!

In this situation we just ask parents to help support the baby, then we edit out supporting arms and hands, later on. We can also use props like buckets and bowls to help support them if needed.

Sibling or Parent Photos

Sibling and family photos are Included!

We welcome siblings and parents in the sitter sessions, we just focus more on baby first.



Helping Children Co-operate

We understand younger children in particular can become easily exhausted, nervous, bored or even irritated, as they are still learning to regulate their emotions.

We will guide the session to create trust between us and the children. After all they are in a strange environment with big lights and a camera, experiencing something new.

Taking our time in the beginning is sometimes key, as when the child becomes distressed it can be hard to recover. We allow some time for the child to play in our play corner, have a snack, watch their favourite show, and get to know our space!

We will work with any suggestions you have also as you know them best!

How Long Will Our Session Go For?

We allocate 1 hour, but if we need more time, we don't mind providing we don't have any more sessions proceeding.

We find indoors this is more than enough time, with 1-2 backdrop set ups!

How should we dress for our family session?

We kindly ask that you provide clothing for all children above six months of age. Clothing items are limited past this age, it's always good to bring a back up too in case you prefer your clothing, over ours!

We suggest choosing three colours, preferable neutral, or soft avoiding bold prints or logos. You can also try matching the colours with the season, or décor in your home! try not to choose more than three colours as a rule of thumb.

Can We Have Multiple Family Members Join?

Sessions include immediate family, extended family, such as uncles, aunties, cousins, grandparents incur an additional fee, unless the session only includes 3 or less people.


We offer five locations to choose from:

STUDIO - Mile End

BEACH - Largs Bay


FOREST - Mount Crawford or Blackwood

DRY GRASS FIELD - Various Locations (Depending on weather)

*Outdoor sessions are not available during days with rain or extreme weather occurs, such as temperature above 27 degrees Celsius, or when severe weather warnings are issues for events such as bush fires, floods, or strong/ damaging winds. Sessions can be cancelled with short notice, deposits will be transferred to a new session, not refunded.

**Note- The following information is only relevant to our studio, this may change in other photography studios.

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